by Lynn Leon Loscutoff (Author)

From 1957 to 1969, the Boston Celtics won eleven championships in thirteen years and eight in a row (1959–1966), the longest consecutive streak of any North American professional sports team. Among the players during this period was "Jungle" Jim Loscutoff, along with Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, and more all coached by Red Auerbach. In this highly personal memoir, Lynn Loscutoff tells the story of the Celtics "wives" and their journey supporting their men and one another. Lynn, an artist who later served as the Executive Director of Boston's prestigious Copley Society, writes with both humor and honesty and being a Celtic wife and about her life with Jim after he left the team. Packed with vintage photographs, some never before printed, Loscy & Me is both a scrapbook of an adventurous life, and a tribute to the women behind the men. Foreword by Arnold "Red" Auerbach.

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