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Art to Go: A Traveler's Guide to Painting in Oils Book

Review: "This is just what the vacation artist needs to get a variety of options to make oil painting and travel doable. I'm sorry but my copy of this little jewel of a book will not ever be available for sale as used, as I continue to get ideas for my next painting vacation, or my next workshop. This is a must for dreamers of painting in faraway places. (Enclosing the blank postcards in a back pocket of the book is a class act.)"

Art to Go: A Traveler's Guide to Painting in Watercolors

A follow-up to Lynn's Traveler's Guide to Painting in Oil. This book gives examples of Lynn's work from her travels through Europe and the United States and has a supply of blank postcards tucked in to the back of the book.


Painters Wild Workshop: 12 Master Artists Help Expand Your Creativity

"Releasing your artistic self gives rise to a life of pleasure and struggle--as you use art to create your own reality. Painters are philosophers, psychologists, mathematicians, chemists, scientists, and poets." ~ Lynn Leon Loscutoff

The heart of Painters Wild Workshop is the presentation of twelve gifted artists who take an unusual approach to their art. Readers are invited to workshop demonstrations, lecture sessions, and private lessons that encourage creative experimentation. Whether you are an accomplished artist, an aspiring artist, or an undiscovered artist, you will profit from the wealth of diverse experiences, materials, and inspirations offered through these wonderfully wild and creative methods. This is a book for painters, artists, and creative people of all types; its goal is to help working painters open up creativity, eliminate self-consciousness, and encourage true artistry either in their current, chosen medium, or a completely new art medium.

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